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May 8, 2011 / theslowblitz

Shopping alone

Strange as it sounds, I prefer shopping alone, at least for little things like stationary and books. If I go shopping with others, I can’t retreat into my little world of music and thoughts, and have to engage others in conversation. I like that too, but it introduces a choice: should I stay at home and do something productive (I find this entertaining, mind you), or do I go out and have fun with friends/family?

Now, if I go out alone, it’s much easier. Regardless of whether I’m out or not, I’ll have my headphone on, and thoughts will be spinning around in my head. The only difference is a change of pace and a slight inconvenience if I have something interesting I wish to write (useful as it is, Evernote on iPhone just can’t replicate the feel of paper). I won’t be able to study, but I can always do that later anyway, and I still am doing something productive now.

I will probably appear lonely others, as I amble from store to store with a solemn expression (try thinking with a goofy smile on your face the whole time!), when in reality I am focused on my inner television, playing some mental game. Sometimes I wonder if others I spot alone are doing that too, or if they are truly lonely.


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