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May 12, 2011 / theslowblitz


Those who lie control reality; but the liar can only ever lie to others, for he cannot overcome the weight of his own reality. His words only have strength when others pay heed to them, that is, when the other is estranged from reality and relies, regardless of like, on your ‘truth’.

…We are all unwilling observers of our own experience. We cannot stop consciousness, and thus we are resigned to this singular interface with reality. Our intuitions dive into this stream of consciousness, each reacting to singular parts of our experience. They tell us how to act, how to think, and we follow without regard. Sometimes they only tell us to act, or only tell us how to think; they are the same in the eyes of casualty.

Reality is no one thing, but an unending chain of cause and effect, with each beginning leading to a ten thousand endings, bonded together by time and space in a sprawling web of events. Those who can see this chain will act in accord with it, knowing that no man can resist casualty, so that the most favour will be accorded him, all while knowing that his actions too is bonded to that which preceded him a million years before.

He who chooses to fight reality will find that he faces forces beyond his control, and of those he has the slimmest chance of altering, the greatest efforts would be required to change them, consuming him in the process.

He who chooses to retreat into an alternate reality, a simpler, better copy of the world from which he retreats, will find that having been born into this world, he lives within its rules, and will never be able to escape. He who chooses to retreat chooses, not to replace, but ignore reality; no interpretation can change that which has already occurred, and what has already occurred will by definition lead to what is to be.

Perception only alters how we choose to act, by altering the reality that we start with, so that our intuitions will reach conclusions, so that we’ll act in different ways, so that everything around us will react to our altered perception.

But we are not free to choose how we perceive. Neither are we free to act or think but I will begin on perception, because it is perception which controls both. If we were free to decide how we would perceive, then how would we choose how to perceive?

How would we decide to interpret the half-complete information we encounter everyday, when there are infinite possibilities, ranging from the plausible to the absurd? How would we sort the plausible from the absurd, without first approving that framework as sensible, and so on?

…We interface with reality all the time, through our consciousness. Our intuitions save us from being overwhelmed by a myriad choices, but there is one particular intuition that forces us to choose. The intuition to think arises when we experience a conflict between what we expect to happen, and what we perceive as happening.

The difference is purely technical; both are perceptions, and two contradicting speculations also raise questions. Through these questions we uncover the chain of casualty, though tiredness, distraction and the urge to retain ‘self’ removes us from Reality.


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