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November 27, 2011 / theslowblitz


I am utterly convinced that the authorities should as far as possible, try to convey to us the value of the subjects we learn in school. The first reason being that it would improve our ability to learn; if we truly believed that what we learned was useful, just as a fireman would as he is being instructed, then we would hardly nod off whenever the teacher starts talking. The second reason is to ensure that what we are learning is actually useful. Without the need for explanation, it is easy for belief to masquerade as reason. 

School being structured as it is, with the schools having most power, there is no need for justification to the students. The students, having neither the knowledge to determine the curriculum’s value nor the incentive to try, lacking institutional power, will never challenge the system as it is being presented. What I propose then is a democratic institution: by creating incentives for the authorities to convey information, and incentive for the students to learn this information, the government of schools would be better carried out. 

I suppose I should at least try to make this happen, though I strongly doubt my ability to do so.


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